If a person has worms, the best broad-spectrum drugs are prescribed to get rid of parasites. Today we will try to tell you what are the most affordable drugs for worms used and give a list of them. Everyone can face such a problem, not only children, but also adults, therefore, in this case, it is recommended to choose effective pills that provide quick and better treatment. What are these drugs that cleanse worms?

Types of drugs

symptoms of the presence of parasites in the organism

When choosing a remedy for parasites, you can use broad-spectrum tablets, provided that you do not know the type of worms that live in the body. You can also take the necessary tests to determine the type of parasites, in which case you will no longer need broad-spectrum drugs. In this case, you can take medicines intended for a particular type of human worms.

Today, there are up to 80 types of worms in the human body. Such parasites infect the human body from the inside. In children, the most common types of worms are: lamblia, roundworms and pinworms. It is not necessary to take broad-spectrum drugs against them, and there are about 10 types of pills.

It is forbidden for a person to take certain types of drugs for viral and infectious diseases, during pregnancy, during lactation and during menstruation.

Between themselves, all worms are divided into trematodes, nematodes and cestodes, each of them is distinguished by individual sensitivity to certain types of medicine. Tablets of the required action should be prescribed to a person depending on the type of worms, taking into account the age and general condition of the body. Only a doctor can choose the right drugs for worms.

Tablets for nematodes and roundworms

This category includes pinworms, whipworms, roundworms and toxocaras. For the treatment of this type of worms, tablets and suspensions are prescribed.

Special chewable tablets prescribed by a specialist can also be used against worms.

Tapeworm and cestode tablets

This group of human parasites includes: diphyllobothriasis, teniasis, teniasis, sparganoses, echinococcosis, teniarinchiasis and coenuroses. In this case, the doctor may prescribe tablets to cleanse the whole body as a whole.

You can also take pills to cleanse the whole body for dwarf tapeworm, malaria, nematodosis.

Tablets for flatworms

This category includes liver parasites, feline fluke, Chinese fluke, and lung parasites. With extraintestinal fluke, a specialist prescribes treatment using certain anthelmintic drugs.

Rules for taking medications

Almost all drugs have an effect on adult human helminths and they are not effective against larvae and eggs. If a person has had pinworms, he can become infected with them again, therefore, after treatment, it is recommended to undergo treatment again after two weeks.

There is one reliable way against human worms: after the tablets of the drug have been taken in the morning, in the evening you can put an enema to cleanse the body, drink laxatives. It is recommended to drink all tablets for cleansing the body of worms only after consulting your doctor.

It is necessary to understand that all drugs for getting rid of parasites are very toxic, it is important to observe the dosage, take into account the patient's weight, treatment in a hospital may be required.

Taking medications for prophylaxis

medicines for parasites in the body

If pinworms were found in someone's body at home, then it is imperative to take drugs against various parasites in order to prevent. There are often cases when scrapings can show a false result, but often children become infected with parasites. Eggs can be transferred very quickly between family members - through door handles, household items, pet hair, baby clothes, bedding, and other items.

Some doctors are against cleansing the body for the purpose of prophylaxis, because the pills are extremely toxic. Alternatively, you can take your worm medicine today and get it tomorrow. It is important to monitor intimate hygiene, adhere to the rule of personal cleanliness, wash your hands before eating food and after using the toilet. Change your linen every morning.

It must be remembered that all means against parasites are extremely toxic to the human body, especially they can be dangerous for children. Home remedies for prevention may include garlic, pumpkin seeds.

Other doctors, in turn, recommend that primary schoolchildren and preschoolers take an anthelmintic drug every six months for preventive treatment. In a place with a large concentration of children, worm infection often occurs, and there may be no symptoms.

A child tries to maintain personal hygiene only from the age of six, so self-infection can occur. If a negative scraping is obtained, but nausea, severe itching appears in the anus, there are abdominal pains, it is necessary to visit a doctor, and the child should be temporarily isolated from other children. In this case, scraping is recommended three times.

Take medicine to cleanse the intestines against parasites:

  • If there is an animal in the house.
  • Man constantly interacts with the earth.
  • If the baby arrives in a closed children's group.
  • A person travels regularly to various countries.
  • Likes to play volleyball, football, fishing, hunting.

Worms in humans are quite common, they can appear during the period of gestation, but it is prohibited to take drugs aimed at cleansing the body at this time. These drugs have a toxic effect on the body, they can harm even more than parasites. From the second trimester of pregnancy, only the attending physician can prescribe treatment.

If a pregnant woman has pinworms, there is no point in worrying, you can easily get rid of them, since they live no more than two weeks.

Folk remedies

There are various folk remedies for parasites that can get rid of them quickly, without harm to health.

  1. Collection against worms. Mix one part of crushed dry herb centaury, bitter wormwood, caraway seeds, crushed dried pumpkin seeds with two parts of ground cloves. Add four parts toasted flax seeds and chopped tansy flowers. Stir the collection, grind in a coffee grinder and store in a jar with a tightly closed lid. Take according to a specific scheme. The first day - a teaspoon of collection on an empty stomach in the morning 30 minutes before meals, washed down with a large volume of cold boiled water sweetened with honey. The second day is also in the morning and 30 minutes before lunch. From the third to the seventh day - one teaspoon in the morning, 40 minutes after lunch and before bedtime. No diet is required with this treatment. It is recommended to repeat the course with a week break.
  2. Hot pepper. It is recommended that adults eat as much hot red pepper as possible (both ground and fresh), if there are no contraindications to its use. Children are advised to eat plenty of fresh carrot juice and this vegetable raw.
  3. Garlic Enema. An enema based on garlic can provide an effective treatment for pinworms (knead up to 9 cloves of garlic in a glass of warm water and strain).
  4. Complex treatment. On the first day of therapy, the patient needs to eat liquid and pureed food (liquid cereals, soups, yogurt, vegetable puree). In the evening, take laxative salt (25-30 grams of Epsom and Glauber's salt for an adult). In the morning the next day, put a cleansing enema and drink on an empty stomach a medicine made from pumpkin seeds. Drink for 40 minutes, after two hours, take a laxative. In addition, after 2 hours the patient also needs to eat, sometimes the worms may not come out immediately, but in the next 1-2 days. Therefore, on the second and third day, it is recommended to put an enema to cleanse the intestines once a day.
  5. Garlic and milk. Boil a large head of garlic in a cup of milk until soft. Strain the milk, wait until it cools down and put an enema out of it, leaving it for the whole night: for an adult from a full glass, for a child - 70-100 milliliters, depending on age. Do a similar procedure throughout the week.
  6. Walnut Tincture. Chop four tablespoons of green young walnuts and brew with a glass of slightly salted boiling water. Insist 25 minutes, then strain. Drink the resulting infusion throughout the day, alternating with laxatives. Used to remove tapeworm and roundworms.
  7. Tansy Tincture. Pour three tablespoons of tansy herb with a glass of boiling water, leave for 60 minutes, then strain. Take 3-5 times a day for a tablespoon.
  8. Wormwood tincture. Pour a teaspoon of dry herb bitter wormwood with two cups of boiling water, strain and cool. Take the infusion three times a day, 1-2 tablespoons 20 minutes before meals to remove roundworms and pinworms.
  9. Onion tincture. Onions should be chopped finely, filling half the bottle with them and pouring with vodka or alcohol. Insist for 10 days. For adults, take two tablespoons each day before meals twice a day. For children, the following recipe is suitable: chop a regular-sized onion, pour a cup of boiling water, leave for 14 hours and strain. Drink 80 milliliters a day for 3-4 days. Use for breeding ascaris and pinworms.
  10. Tincture of pumpkin seeds with wormwood. Combine the leaves of bitter wormwood and crushed pumpkin seeds in equal quantities. Fill the bottle one third with this mixture. Fill the rest of the bottle with vodka. Insist on light or warm place for seven days. Take a tincture twice a day, 50 milliliters 30 minutes before dinner and lunch. Drink for two weeks until the worms are completely removed.

Expert advice

Tablets for various types of parasites are recommended to be taken with extreme caution in small children, during breastfeeding, in the presence of kidney and liver diseases, in agranulocytosis, if the bone marrow is depressed. Children under six months of age are very sensitive to such drugs.

Before starting treatment, it is important to check their reaction, if there is an allergy, it is necessary to change the drug. You should not self-medicate, as you can only harm your health.