Experience of use Toxic OFF

Experience using Toxic OFF Irina (Chisinau)

Experience using capsules against parasites Toxic OFF

There are a lot of rumors and speculations about Toxic OFF capsules. I’ll tell you about my experience using capsules against parasites and how I freed my whole family from worms in three weeks.

I have a fairly large family - me, my husband, two children and a German shepherd named Sandy to boot. Sandy spends all her time with the kids, and my husband and I never have time to wash her paws after every walk. As a result, worms first appeared in the children, and then in my husband and I.

The helminths were not immediately noticed. We attributed fatigue and problems with sleep to ordinary work overwork; stomach problems also seemed to be a consequence of ordinary stress. Something was wrong only when the children began to noticeably lose weight. We went to the hospital, took tests and received a very definite diagnosis - intestinal parasites.

An acquaintance of my husband (he works as a nutritionist) advised me to treat the dog’s worms and buy Toxic OFF anti-parasite capsules for the whole family. He also told me how to use the drug. We listened to the advice and noticed an improvement in our well-being already in the 2nd week of use. After the course we went for repeated tests and received negative results. The helminths have disappeared. The children have become more active and cheerful than before.

Happy children playing with a shepherd (Toxic OFF)

We were lucky to use these capsules, and now I myself recommend Toxic OFF to friends if they have a similar problem.